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Whether it is a change in leadership or a changing community, leading a congregation through change is both challenging and rewarding.  It takes knowledge, skill, resilience and spiritual strength to navigate the waters of change in a way that leaders and congregations thrive. This training is for individuals who are considering ministry in temporary settings (as an interim, transitional or designated pastor) or are experiencing ministry in these transitional times.  It satisfies Week 1 requirements for those who wish to be Interim Pastors.

The leadership team has worked together to develop an engaging and helpful online week of learning as a community.  

What would you like most to say about your experiences as a student in this online course?

The knowledge I gained has been invaluable. I may not enter the transitional ministry for a few years, but the learning applies to any ministry.

This was exciting and challenging for me. I feel that I have grown by leaps and bounds. It has prepared me much better for the challenges we are facing in our congregation.

I don't know how you would improve it. How can you fully prepare a person for transitional ministry?

This was one of the best trainings I have had in ministry.  I think all pastors should do it.

I very much appreciated how well y'all pivoted to Zoom. You did it very well. Excellent use of videos and panelists -- I felt that you used the media well there.

Well done to all of you! Thank you for sharing your passion and care for the church and its leaders; transitional and installed.

I really enjoyed and appreciated this course! I learned a lot and am excited to see how God will use it in my future ministry experience.

I think the leadership team navigated the online learning environment very well - good spans of time spent morning, afternoon, and evening, good mix of presentation styles


Start: November 8, 2021
End: November 12, 2021
Synod of Lakes and Prairies

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