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'Twas a virus about and
We don't want to count!!!!
So at home we will stay
with new things every day.
From outfits to stories,
Food (of course!, no worries!),
Great speakers and song
(apart in your home, you can sing along!),
we'll gather online to worship and learn
and next year to Storm Lake we hope to return.

From Rodger to Dede, and Jason to ??? (tee-hee!!!!)
we're bringing back loved ones to join us each night.
We'll sing and we'll worship, we'll learn and we'll eat
and then we'll have options that just can't be beat.

Prepare for the dance to be held Wednesday night
Think about gifts to share talent night!
On Monday we'll offer short classes galore
You'll wish there were two of you so you could take more!

We still are preparing the website for this.
Although it is different, we hope you won't miss.
Please register per "screen," so we don't need you all!
Unless the "day classes" have issued a call.
Our youth and adults are welcome to choose
but enrollment is limited so don't get the blues.
Register now for a class in the day and
An email with details will then come your way.

For evenings we'll send a link to log on.
Right now and later to help you along.
If you register you'll get updates in email
with themes, colors, food and other details.

We're hoping to see you!
Stay well and take care!



Start: July 27, 2020
12:00 am
End: July 30, 2020
11:00 pm
Synod of Lakes and Prairies

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